Welcome to Kenter Canyon!

Kenter Canyon School is delighted to have you join our community and become an integral part of your child’s education.  Kenter Canyon offers a unique experience to its students because of the collaboration  between its dedicated staff and the incredible involvement of its parents.  The parent is the child’s first teacher and plays an integral part of their child’s learning process.  I believe we must work together to ensure a safe and positive learning environment that teaches children how to be safe, respectful, and responsible citizens, as well as thinkers, discoverers, and inquirers. Together, we will continue to make a difference in the lives of the children at Kenter.  I hope that you will become involved in your child’s classroom as well as the parent involvement opportunities afforded through our Parent Support Group (PSG), Governance Council, School Site Council, and school activities.  We need volunteers to help with classroom activities, school-wide functions, traffic safety, special projects, enrichment activities, field trip supervision and committee work.  Look for periodical announcements inviting you to TwT “Tea with Terry” socials—-“TwT is an opportunity to join me for an informal chat about Kenter Canyon.  Together, we will make a positive difference in the lives of children. We need parents to help us be involved in solutions, not just reporting problems.  Together, we can make ordinary things extraordinary.

The most important thing for us to remember as parents, faculty and staff is our collective purpose.  We have a tremendously dedicated faculty who is striving to bring a coherent program aligned to the California Common Core Standards in an enthusiastic and productive manner. Their strong academic program coupled with a strong parental involvement body will create an even more successful learning community.  For more than a decade, Kenter Canyon has continued to meet all areas of the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), demonstrated excellence on California standardized assessments, and been ranked among top LAUSD and California schools. We look forward to continued progress and achievements in the coming year.

Because communications is such an important aspect of collaboration, Kenter enthusiastically encourages and invites you to frequently visit our website at www.kentercanyon.org.  This is our primary source of communications to our parents and community at large.  We are striving to eliminate the need to use paper to communicate with you.  Check out the website for updates, announcements, reminders, and quick answers to your questions.

We look forward to your involvement at Governance Council, School Site Council, our school’s various committees, as well as our Parent Support Group (PSG) functions.  Your involvement in our school is a message to your child that their education is significant to you.

Kenter Canyon faculty and staff will dedicate themselves to providing a safe positive learning environment for your children—one where we teach our students to “Be Safe.  Be Respectful.  Be Responsible, Be Learning.”   Please know that I will strive each day to make the best of every child even better.  If you have suggestions, disappointments, compliments, or just wish to discuss your child’s needs, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or me.



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