Traffic & Parking

Parents are urged to teach their children the safest and shortest route to school, emphasizing the use of
crosswalks and sidewalks.  The traffic around our school is quite heavy and the dangers are apparent as
children and automobiles appear on the scene.  Children are to enter the school through designated gates
only.  Children and parents are NOT to walk through the parking lot driveway at any time; use the
sidewalks.  Children and parents do not access campus until supervision has arrived and invites students
to enter their respective playgrounds.  The staff will instruct students on safe pedestrian practices and
will provide reminders throughout the year. Children driven by car to school should exit the car using the
school’s safety drop-off zones.  Please stress to your child that he/she use the crosswalk when crossing
the street at Homewood.  It is very important that children see their parents modeling safe and
appropriate use of the crosswalks.  Your support of our instruction to children is needed and will be
appreciated.  The safety of everyone is our prime concern.  Please stress the importance of respect for
property of others.  Also, discuss the importance of not speaking to or accepting rides from strangers.


Parent volunteers help alleviate traffic by providing a morning drop-off system. Duties are designated by
grade and classroom throughout the year.

Children may be dropped off in one of our three drop-off locations:

7:35 – 8:10 Kindergarten Drop Off in front of Kindergarten entrance gate. Siblings in grades 1-5 may
also use this drop off when dropping off a Kindergarten student.

7:35 – 8:10 South Yard Entrance on Homewood (for grades 1 – 5 only).

7:35 – 8:10 Front Loop of School Entrance gate (for grades 1 – 5 only).

Kindergarten students will report to the designated Kindergarten play areas upon arrival.

Grades 1 and 2 will report to the North Playground upon arrival to school.

Grades 3, 4 and 5 will report to the South Playground upon arrival to school.

WHEN USING DROP-OFF SAFETY ZONES, DO NOT OPEN CAR DOORS UNTIL THE VOLUNTEERS REQUEST YOU TO DO SO. PULL FORWARD AS FAR AS POSSIBLE. Pop the trunk if the backpacks are stored there. Do NOT get out of the car. Allow the volunteer to get the items from your car and help your kids move quickly to the sidewalk to the entrance gates.

Kindergarten Entrance

1. Driving north on Kenter, turn left into the North Parking Lot and continue through the parking lot
which will loop back into a designated zone cone for drop off.
2. Drive to the front of the cone zone area until you reach the stop here sign.
3. Wait for the volunteer parent to come to your car and assist your child to the sidewalk and into
the kindergarten gate. Do not get out of your vehicle.

South Yard Entrance

1. Driving north on Kenter, turn left onto Homewood and drop off on North Side of the street, just
outside the entrance to the play yard.
2. Drive to the front of drop-off area.
3. Wait for a parent volunteer to come to the car to help your child out of the car.

Obey stop signs both on Kenter Ave and Homewood Rd.  Do not drop off on the South Side of the street. Drive slowly and watch for passing drivers and foot traffic in this area.  On rainy days this gate is closed — drivers will use the Front of School drop off instead.

Front Loop of School Entrance

1. Driving north on Kenter, turn left into the front parking lot.
2. Continue to the far end of the drive-through area where the volunteers are located.

Obey the stop sign at the end of the drive-through.  Drive slowly and watch for passing drivers and foot
traffic in this area.

All parent volunteers will strictly enforce the above safety rules.  The parent volunteers who assist the morning drop-off are not responsible for any injuries caused to you or your children during the drop off.  It is the responsibility of the drivers to ensure that their children are dropped off in a safe manner.



Parents may wait on the sidewalks near the flagpole in front of the school or at the South Playground entrance gate (on Homewood).   Please do not use the office as a waiting area.  Gates will open 2-3 minutes prior to dismissal.  Parents may then walk to the child’s classroom to meet them just outside of their classrooms. Gates will lock at 2:20 on 1:50 dismissal days and 3:20 on 2:50 dismissal days.  Due to STAR program set-up, we will not use the Kindergarten gate as an entrance.

Only parents or adult designees may pick up students in grades K and 1.  They may not use the playgrounds or library after-school hours unless they are enrolled in STAR or Kenter After-School Classes.



There is no parking on the campus of Kenter Canyon for visitors.  All parents and visitors are to park on the school side of Kenter Avenue, Homewood, or Elkins Road.   Please remember to be respectful to our supportive neighbors and refrain from blocking or parking in their driveways.  Do not park or block gates that enter Kenter’s campus.  In the front loop the parking space for the auction winner is designated as Reserved 24/7.

Parking violators will be towed at their own expense.  Thank you for your respectful cooperation.


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