Kenter strives to be in forefront of educational technology. Each child at Kenter has weekly instructional time with Alex Sornoso, our full-time technology lab teacher in our designated computer lab (all new computers purchased in 2016). For more information about the Alex and the computer curriculum click here.

In addition, each student in Grades 3-5 have a designated in-class laptop which enables classroom teachers to fully integrate technology into instructional time. Grades 1 and 2 have one to one ipads which enables teacher to differentiate learning and take advantage of programs such as Dreambox, EPIC and Teach Your Monster. Kindergarten classes have Chromebook stations to introduce our youngest learners to technology and educational programs. Each classroom at Kenter is also outfitted with state of the art wall-mounted projectors and document cameras to allow for flexible and creative educational experiences.

All technology expenses are primarily funded by KCPSG.

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