During Teacher-Parent Conferences, the teachers will ask parents to personally hand them their completed School Experience Surveys.  These surveys were sent home on November 8 with each family’s oldest child at Kenter Canyon School.   For parents who forget their surveys, teachers will offer an opportunity for you to complete them at one of our school’s computers in the office, computer lab or science lab.   WHY SUCH A PUSH FOR THESE SURVEYS?   School rankings are determined by 2 factors:   SBAC Test Scores are considered for 60% of the ranking.  The other 40% is called School Climate.  At this time, parent participation with these Surveys is the only measure used for that 40%.   in 2018, Kenter Canyon earned 80% of 100%.  Test scores earned the full 60% but only 81% of parents submitted the surveys, which earned Kenter Canyon only 20% of the 40%.   Parents:  Your child is depending on YOU to turn in your survey to help earn the full points as they did on SBAC.  Raffle drawings will be held for students whose parents return their Surveys to their teachers during Parent-Teacher Conference time.  Prizes will be earned by each of your children enrolled at Kenter Canyon if any one of their names is drawn.  Prizes include board games, sports ball and “lunch with Principal Moren.”   Talk to other parents and encourage participation in completing these School Experience Surveys. Please click here for the flyer.


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