Safety & Security

Children may not bring knives, sharp pointed instruments, guns, toy guns, caps, bullets, etc. to school.  Any articles of the type mentioned will be taken away if brought to school and the student will be disciplined per District Policy, which may include suspension and/or expulsion.  This is for the child’s safety as well as the safety of other children.  Pupils, while under the jurisdiction of the school, are prohibited from selling, buying, firing, or possessing fireworks, matches or lighters of any kind.

Pali Patrol Service

Kenter Canyon has partnered with Palisades Patrol Service to help keep our campus safe and protected.  Pali Patrol visits the campus during non-school hours/days to cite trespassers, skateboarders, and potential vandals.  During the school days, administration depends on LAUSD School Police as well as LAPD for support and guidance.   The Pali Patrol service has helped preserve outdoor property from damage and vandalism.  Parents are encouraged to add 310-454-7741 (Pali Patrol) and 213-625-6631 (LAUSD School Police) to their smart phones to enable you to report any unauthorized persons on campus during weekends, holidays, and late night hours.

Emergency Cards

An emergency card (required by state law) with complete information is vital for the school in the event we need to reach you, a neighbor, a relative or a friend.  We cannot release a child to a person unless his/her name is on the card.  We will appreciate its immediate return.  On the reverse side of this card is a space for you to sign for authorization of emergency medical treatment.  Throughout the year, if any changes occur you must inform the office in writing (i.e., address change requires – lease rental agreement or current utility bill).  We need a minimum of three (3) different phone numbers for emergency contacts which may include home and work numbers as well as family and friends whom you authorize to care for your child.

Kenter’s Safe School Plan and Illness & Injury Prevention Plan are available here for registered users.

Emergency Kits

All students are required to have an emergency kit in the classroom. More information on emergency kit contents can be found here.

Closed Campus Policy

For the safety of all students, faculty, staff and volunteers, LAUSD schools have a closed campus policy. We are delighted to have parents and guests visit our campus; however, we require that all employees and visitors sign-in at the main office so we know who and why folks are on campus. We value our parent and volunteer involvement, but we make safety a priority. Should we have an emergency, our sign-in system allows us to have a record of all employees, students and parents/guests who are on the campus.


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