Policies & Guidelines

Winter ConcertArrival Time

If possible, the best time for children to arrive is 5 to 10 minutes before the beginning of school.  Pupils are tardy if not in their classrooms when the 8:10 a.m. bell rings.   Please remember that supervision of students begins at 7:30 a.m.  It is not safe to drop off students prior to that time because there are no adults on duty to watch them. Children arriving late to school are required to bring a note stating the reason for the tardiness.

Birthday Recognition

Each classroom at Kenter Canyon School will acknowledge birthdays once a month which will coincide with the announcement of our Citizens of the Month, Box Top winners, and Coyote Spirit Award classes. On the day of a child’s birthday, the class will sing “Happy Birthday” following the morning recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. On the monthly scheduled Birthday & Citizens Recognition Day, each student will receive a token gift (i.e. pencil, bookmark, crown, etc.) selected by the teacher using class funds. Parents and staff will be prohibited from bringing any food items or other treats on campus to recognize their child’s birthday. For students whose birthdays are in July, they will be recognized in June and students with August birthdays will be recognized in September. This policy allows students to receive birthday recognition while complying with LAUSD Board of Education Obesity Policy as well as other federal and state laws related to food service, nutrition requirements, health department regulations, and maximizing the use of students’ instructional time.

Cell Phones, Electronic Games, Toys

The LAUSD Board of Education policy regarding cell phones is that students may have them on their person as long as they are not visible or turned on during the instructional hours of the day. Any student who shows, uses, or displays his or her phone or any electronic device during school hours will have it confiscated and the parents will have to retrieve it from the principal to advise the student’s loss of privilege for having it. Electronic games are never to be brought to campus as well as toys or other games, including sports equipment. We will provide all equipment and games needed for the instructional day. Unless you receive it in writing from the teacher, do not allow your child to bring extra toys or items of special interest with them.

Closed Campus Policy

For the safety of all students, faculty, staff and volunteers, LAUSD schools have a closed campus policy. We are delighted to have parents and guests visit our campus; however, we require that all employees and visitors sign-in at the main office so we know who and why folks are on campus. We value our parent and volunteer involvement, but we make safety a priority. Should we have an emergency, our sign-in system allows us to have a record of all employees, students and parents/guests who are on the campus.


As a community we feel that open communication is an essential component of a successful school.  Our school’s website (www.kentercanyon.org), weekly emails from your Head Room Parent (HRP), and quarterly Kenter Key (newsletter) serve as our primary communication tools.  To ensure you are on your child’s class email list, contact your HRP.

Classroom teachers may also send letters to inform parents of classroom specific information. A variety of meetings are held throughout the year to promote open dialogue and opportunities to encouragement parent feedback and involvement. Such opportunities include School Site Council, Kenter Governance Council, Parent Support Group general membership meetings, and grade level specific meetings. Appointments with teachers may be scheduled before or after school.  If you wish to make an appointment to speak with the principal please contact him via email or by leaving a note in the office. If your issue or concern is in regards with a teacher or classroom matter, it is important for parents to have had a meeting/conference with the teacher prior to contacting the principal.

Dress Standards

We will continue to depend upon your good taste and common sense in sending neat, clean and properly dressed children to Kenter Canyon School.  Elementary students, unlike secondary students, do not have gym lockers or the opportunity to change clothing during the school day.  So we have a few safety reminders – shoes must be suitable for an active program with no open toes or heels, no sandals or boots.  It is also required that students wear socks daily.   Children should be appropriately dressed to participate in all school activities.  Students are encouraged to wear hats/caps for sun protection, but hats may not be worn indoors. We ask your cooperation in seeing that children’s personal belongings such as wraps, rain wear, and lunch boxes are identified with their names.  Many jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, etc. look very similar.  It is amazing how many lost & found items are accumulated during the year.  The Lost & Found is located in the hallway near Room 7. Fridays are Kenter Canyon Spirit days.  All children, parents and teachers are encouraged to wear their Coyote shirts or blue on Fridays.  Occasionally throughout the year there will be special “themed spirit dress” days (i.e. silly hat day, college spirit day, twins day, etc.)  Student Council representatives will select and announce such fun days!

Letters of Recommendation

Teachers and administration are willing to prepare letters of recommendation to private schools, magnet schools, and other such educational institutions for our students.  However, please adhere to the these protocols for such requests.


There are no visitor parking spaces on our campus. Please do not park in STAFF PARKING, which is all the spaces in the front of the main office (Main Front Loop) and the spaces in the North Parking Lot. Vehicles parked in Staff Only parking spaces must display a STAFF PERMIT. Parents are prohibited from parking in the red “Drop Off Only” zone in front of the main office. Vehicles with disabled placards may utilize the parking space in the North Parking Lot or the Main Front Loop. Violators of parking expectations are monitored and cited by Palisades Patrol, LAUSD School Police, LAPD Traffic Enforcement, or LAPD.

Parents may utilize the Main Front Loop or the South Gate to drop off their children before school, or find street parking to walk them to the gate. Parents may not leave their car unattended at the red curb in front of the school.  Street parking is the safest option for picking up your child.  More information on traffic and parking can be found here.

Personal Property

We strongly urge you to label all of your child’s belongings with his/her full name and room number with indelible ink.  It may help us to find the owner.  The name on sack lunches helps also.   Children are not to bring radios, mp3 players, CD players, tape recorders, electronic games and other expensive items to school.  Trading cards (baseball, Pokemon, Harry Potter, etc.) may not be brought to school.  Toys will be taken from students and returned only to a parent.  We request that children bring to school only those things which directly relate to the educational program.  Bicycles, skateboards, scooters and skates may not be ridden on the school grounds at any time.  Skates, skateboards and scooters are not to be brought to school under any circumstances. Cell phones must remain off and stored in a backpack or pocket where it is not visible during normal school hours. Students are permitted to appropriately use cell phones on campus after school only.

Pets On Campus

It is a violation of the LAUSD Board Policy and LA County Health Code regulations to have pets on campus. We have students who are allergic to certain animals as well as those who fear them. We respectfully ask you to not bring your dogs or any other pet to campus at any time, including special events.


Kenter Canyon has been recognized by the City of Los Angeles for our model recycling program. Please help us do our part for the environment by placing recyclable items in the blue bins on our campus and using the other receptacles for non-recyclable items. We also encourage our parents whose children bring lunch to pack a “trash-free” lunch by using reusable containers.

Release of Children Before Dismissal

Students will NOT be released to an unidentified person during school hours.  Only a parent or authorized adult listed on the emergency card may pick him/her up before school dismissal.  The adult should first come to the office to sign a release slip.  Students will not be called to the office until after the authorized adult has presented appropriate identification and the release form has been issued.  All adults whom parents authorize to pick up their children must be listed on the emergency card.

Room Assignments

Kenter Canyon assignments are posted on the South & Kindergarten playgrounds at 7:35 a.m. on the first day of school.  Note:  Children have been given a temporary room assignment in all LAUSD schools on the first day of school. LAUSD expects necessary changes to be completed no later than their designated Norm Day.  In the event that child’s room assignment must be changed, please help your child to understand. After adjustments have been made due to changes in enrollment, children will, for the most part, remain in the same class all year.

Visits and Conferences

Parents are welcome to visit classrooms.  You must obtain a visitor’s permit in the office before entering the classroom. Board of Education visitation rules are printed on the permit.  It is important for safety reasons that we know who is on the grounds at all times.  All parents are invited to visit school provided their visit is not disruptive to the classroom. Conferences to discuss an individual child should be held when the teacher is free of instructional responsibility with the class.  Teachers are normally available for conferences before school begins and after dismissal.  An appointment should be made to avoid scheduling conflicts.  The principal is available to meet with parents by appointment. Principal conferences should be made by contacting him via email or leaving a note in the office.


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