Physical Education with Coach Nolan

Nolan DravesNolan Draves, also known as “Coach Nolan,” grew up in the Los Angeles area and went to San Diego State University and National University.  He has a wide background in sports, including an interesting family history in diving, and loves to be active!  He has coached a variety of youth sports including swimming, basketball, soccer, and his specialty, baseball.  He continues to play baseball and other organized sports and loves passing on his knowledge and passion to his students.  He feels lucky to be a part of the Kenter family!

AG edits (5 of 6)This year in Physical Education, Coach Nolan hopes to spark student interest in physical activity and exercise, teach students about their bodies and sports, build fundamental skills, increase sportsmanship, and have fun while being active!  Through various sports, drills, and games he hopes to also teach important lessons such as teamwork, cooperation, listening, respect for others, and also build self-confidence.  He likes to mix it up as much as possible by having students participate in a variety of activities such as soccer, baseball, strength/core building, conditioning, basketball, volleyball, badminton, kickball, track & field, and much more!  Lastly, Coach Nolan hopes to keep improving on the annual “Olympics Week” that is held at the end of the school year.


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