Party Book

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Kenter Canyon Elementary Party Book!

What is Party Book?

The Party Book is a long standing tradition that brings together Kenter families to create lasting relationships and memories.  Kenter families host a variety of events from kids only, to family events, to adult only functions.  The families sponsor all the costs of the event and 100% of the proceeds earned from the sale of tickets are then donated to the Kenter PSG. Everyone benefits from Party Book, you get to go out, meet new people, reconnect with old friends all while helping out our school.

Want to host a party?

Please fill out this form and return to Party Book cubby in the Parent Center by Monday, September 25th, or contact

How Do I Sign Up to Attend a Party?

Our 2017-18 Party Book kick-off is Tuesday, October 10th from 8-9 AM at the Kenter Coyote Plaza. Be the first to sign up for all the amazing parties hosted by our fellow Kenter families.   There is a 10% discount for signing up at our kick-off!

All of our parties are listed in our Kenter Party Book Catalog.  Go through the descriptions of the Adult Parties and the Kids & Family Parties to familiarize yourself with all that will be happening throughout this school year. Once you’ve selected your favorite Parties, you can register online to reserve and pay for the seats.

How Do I Pay for a Party?

You can sign up for available parties online and pay with credit card via PayPal. Note that all credit card transactions will include a small convenience fee.

Signed up for a Party?

To check out what you have signed up for, visit our party book sign up site. You will be directed to the login section. For those of you who did not pre-register, you will log in with your email address and use the generic password “kenter”.   Once you are logged in, you can print out your list of parties or bookmark the page for future reference. You will receive an email reminder two weeks prior to your party with the specifics including party location.  Don’t forget to change your password to something only you will remember!


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