L.A. Unified Kids Learn Workbooks for TK – 5 th /6 th Grade Elementary Students

Dear Families,

The District is mailing home a Kids Learn workbook for every TK through 5 th grade student in support of learning at home. These workbooks provide practice with essential standards in reading, writing and math from the current grade.

Workbook Anticipated Arrival Times:

TK – 3 rd Grade – Week of May 4th

4th – 5th/6th Grade – Week of May 11th

This google folder includes PDF versions of the workbooks for each grade level, and can be shared with L.A. Unified staff only for assigning lessons and assisting students.

Families that do not receive a workbook by Friday, May 18th can complete this form or call the L.A. Unified helpdesk at (213) 443-1300 to request a book.


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