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About PSG

As a Charter School, we rely greatly on input, support and involvement from all our parents.  Your time, energy and financial contributions make many of our programs possible.   In 1983, parents at Kenter organized a non-profit corporation, Kenter Canyon Parents Support Group (PSG), to raise money for art, music, drama, physical education, computers, teachers assistants and many other extras that enhance our school.  This is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization and donations to it are tax-deductible.  PSG is organized and run by parent volunteers who put on fundraisers and coordinate more than $700,000 raised annually to cover the $1400 per student it costs for our amazing enrichment program at our school.

All parents are automatically members of PSG and are encouraged and welcomed to attend PSG meetings.  During these periodic meetings you will have the opportunity to discuss ideas and concerns, meet other parents, and become involved in the events at the school.  Discussions can include, ideas for events, enrichment programs, parent education, school improvements, additional resources, and other campus related subjects. These meeting are the best resource for learning more about what is happening at your child’s school.

If you any questions, please contact Annie Krasnow or Gina Rossen, PSG Co-Presidents, or Jessica Begum, PSG Membership chair.  You are encouraged to be an active and involved parent.

New Parents

For those of you that are new to Kenter Canyon, please see the New Parent Handbook which introduces you to our school and the many activities and events we have in and around our campus.

Volunteers are Needed!

Kenter Canyon has a great volunteer network, with many outstanding and committed parents that have helped to make our school such a standout success. We encourage you to get involved and make a difference. Please support our school by stepping up and contributing your time and talents.  LAUSD requires all volunteers to be free of active tuberculosis before volunteering. Please fill out this form and bring to your physician for a mandatory TB skin test.

Classroom Volunteers: There are lots of other volunteer positions available in your child’s classroom. Serving as the head of a class committee is a great way to develop a relationship with your child’s teacher and to meet the other parents in your classroom. Serving as a class liaison to other school committees enables you to meet other parents in the Kenter Canyon community. You will receive a Classroom Volunteer Signup sheet from your Head Room Parent at Back to School Night showing many of the classroom volunteering opportunities available.

PSG’s Volunteer Sign Up: One of the many things that makes Kenter Canyon Elementary School exceptional is YOU – our fantastic parent volunteers. Regardless of whether you have hours or days to commit, opportunities for you to make a difference abound. There is no commitment too small, or of course, too big. 🙂 Please join our parent volunteer sign up to learn about more ways you can get involved. Volunteer Sign Up

2018-2019 PSG Officers, Board of Directors & Committee Chairs

Officers & Board of Directors
Co-Presidents:  Annie Krasnow/Gina Rossen
Vice President:  Alicia Zuniga
Co-Secretaries:  Aviva Hayempour/Carolyn Loffredo
Treasurer:  Pat Hom
Vice Presidents, Enrichment:  Nicole Raymond/Kristen Govindraj
Vice President, Annual Giving:  Rebecca Youssef
Vice Presidents, Fundraising:  Julie Bettinelli/Erin Arend
Vice President, Membership:  Jessica Begum

Board Member & Committee Chairpersons

Vice President: Alicia Zuniga
Access Books: Nikki Solomon
Emergency Kits: Jene Konecke & Nikki Solomon
Gardening: Marisol Metcalfe
Holidays from the Heart: Rupal Patel
Holiday Staff Luncheon: Wendy Hibbert
Staff Appreciation Week: Amy Cosman, Jackie Shapiro & Curtis Yamada
Weekend Workday: TBD
Yearbook: Astrid Camras, Chen Chen Feng, Marga Grawer, Leyli Shayan & Debra Sunshine

Vice Presidents, Enrichment: Nicole Raymond/Kristen Govindraj
Art Night: TBD
Assemblies: Mimi Neandross
Concessions: Gladys Laping & Alex Wolfe
Library Liaison: Alex Bratman & Yuri Koo
Music Liaison: Kim Haynes & Allie Schulps
Science Night: Irina Ermilova
Square One Art: Deborah Essner
Teachers/Aides Hiring, Admin: Kristen Govindraj & Nicole Raymond

Vice President, Annual Giving: Rebecca Youssef
Annual Giving Co Chair: Erika Eagen

Vice Presidents, Fundraising: Julie Bettinelli/Erin Arend
After School Classes: Office staff (Claudia)
Book Fair: Nadia Kristo & Aparna Pande
Community Programs: Niloo Farhadian
Fall/Spring Production: Michelle Horvitz & MaryAnn Van Roon
Gala/Live Auction: Jen Hranek & Allison Kuperberg
Ice Cream Social: Abby Gash
Kenter Partners: Erin Arend
Online Auction: Wenise Wong
Party Book: Amanda Paul
Spirit Wear: Alex Bratman, Geemee Chung & Jackie Shapiro
Talent Show: Kirsten Govindraj & Nicole Williams

Vice President, Membership: Jessica Begum
Bulletin Boards: Megan Harper
HRP Coordinators: Kristin Mahoney & Jackie Shapiro
Kinder Howdy Day and Playdates: Amy Cosman & Jackie Shapiro
Prospective Parent Tours: Alex Wolfe
TB Clearance: GeeMee Chung & Adrienne Youdim
Tech: Lily Qiu & Glenn Reinman
Traffic Duty: Irina Ermilova & David Harden
Welcome Back Family Picnic: Kristin Mahoney & Jamie Phillips


2018-2019 Head Room Parents

Ms. Herzikoff / Kindergarten / Room 1: Jamie Phillips
Ms. Lane / TK-Kindergarten / Room 2: Adriana Mireles and Behnaz Naeim
Ms. Oh / Kindergarten / Room 3: Glenda Bard
Ms. Shaloo / Kindergarten / Room 4: Megan Plotkowski
Mrs. Radai / Grade 1 / Room B1: Sarah Chamberlain
Mrs. Robinson / Grade 1 / Room B2: Samantha Remeny
Mr. Gabel / Grade 1 / Room B3: Jordana Jaffe and Lisa Sanders
Mrs. Dundov / Grade 1 / Room B4: Dina Bernstein and Ilyse Levine
Ms. Lynch / Grade 2 / Room 5: Abby Gash
Ms. Hansbrough / Grade 2 / Room 6: Jill Peters and Courtney Zagalsky
Ms. Mackenzie / Grade 2 / Room 7: Jamie Ubaldi
Ms. Walsh / Grade 2 / Room 8: Monia Otero and Kathrin Plath
Ms. Laham / Grade 3 / Room 9: Michelle Olsen
Ms. Dizon / Grade 3 / Room 10: Ilene Del Giorgio and Nicole Williams
Ms. Rosenblit / Grade 3 / Room 103: Amy Bersch
Ms. Lally / Grade 3 / Room 104: Laura Fisher
Ms. Crider / Grade 4 / Room 101: James White
Ms. Klapproth / Grade 4 / Room 102: Amy Brugger and Cathy Burrell
Ms. Neilson / Grade 4 / Room 202: Susan Lenzini
Mr. Morris / Grade 5 / Room 201: Yuri Koo
Ms. Popielarski / Grade 5 / Room 203: Terry Reinman
Mr. Risman / Grade 5 / Room 204: Meg Harper and Jen Hranek


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