Kenter Canyon Parent Portal Training

Kenter Canyon School will be providing a Parent Portal training on Friday, August 7, 2020 at grade level specific times:


* Grade TK-K:  9:00am


* Grades 1-3:  10:30am


* Grades 4-5: 1:00 pm


Registration information will be provided on Monday, August 3.  For parents with more than one child in our school, you’ll only need to attend one of the training sessions.


Parent Portal is the LAUSD access to the Schoology platform.   Schoology is the platform in which parents will receive attendance records, daily assignments, announcements, handouts, recordings, progress feedback and is the system where you can retrieve your child’s Report Cards.


For parents to access the LAUSD Parent Portal, you’ll need your child’s PIN and ID #; these are required and should be treated with utmost confidentiality and security.  Kenter Canyon office staff is preparing these for parents presently.We look forward to your participation in the Parent Portal Training session on August 7.


Parent Portal Resources can be downloaded HERE.

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