Governance Council


The Governance Council is the governance body which makes important decisions regarding instruction and operational issues at school.  It is comprised of the principal, 6 teachers/ classified staff and 6 parents / 1 community representative.  We welcome all interested parents to our meetings.

2016-2017 Representatives:  

Governance Council Co-Chair (Faculty): Stephanie Ross
Governance Council Co-Chair (Parent): Andrea Ladderman
2 year term (Faculty): Sumer Dundov, Lewis Gabel, Michelle Lynch, Stephanie Ross
2 year term (Parent): Joel Ball, Nicola Bird, Nicole Williams, Ike Youseff
1 year term (Faculty): Tiffany Neilson, Kate Robinson, Megan Walsh
1 year term (Parent): Jason Schaeffer, Tim Soule
2 year alternate (Faculty): Carly Rosenblit
2 year alternate (Parent): Mariah Haroon
1 year alternate (Faculty): Julia Paiva
1 year alternate (Parent): Ryan Del Giorgio
Community representative: Lynn Whitaker

Meeting minutes for the Governance Council are available here.


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