Welcome to the Parent Forms page.  Parents/guardians can download the school forms in the desired language, complete the form on a computer, print, sign, and return to the school.  Downloading the form to a computer does not automatically transfer your information to the school.

Forms for All Returning Students:

  • Restitution Policy
    LAUSD requires parent acknowledgment of the receipt of the policy that requires parents to be responsible for lost or damaged property, such as textbooks, library books, vandalism and such.
  • Parent/Student Acknowledgement Form 2016-2017
    Education Code 48980(a) states that School Boards are required by law to notify parents of their rights to services and programs offered by their district school/schools. Parents/Guardians must sign a notification form and return it to their children’s schools acknowledging that they have been informed of their rights.
  • Photo Release Form
    LAUSD requests permission to reproduce through printed, audio, visual or electronic means activities in which your child has participated in his/her education program. These specially prepared materials are used to 1) train teachers and/or 2) increase public awareness and promote continuation and improvement of education programs through the use of mass media, displays, brochures, websites, etc.

Forms for Students New to Kenter:

  • Student Enrollment Form
    Parents/guardians/caretakers wishing to enroll a child for the first time in a Los Angeles Unified school should download the Student Enrollment Form, complete electronically, print, sign and take the form to the school.
    English / Spanish / Korean

Optional Forms and Additional Information for Parents

  • Please Visit the Educational Equity Compliance Office to find out how the District ensures that all students are treated equitably in the District’s programs and activities and provided an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation and/or bullying including, but not limited to all aspects of Section 504, Title VI, and Title IX compliance, as well as Uniform Complaint Procedures and Williams/Valenzuela Complaints.
  • Free/reduced-price meal application
    Parents and guardians can submit a meal application online. The application will be processed within 24 hours, and you will not have to fill out a paper application and mail it or hand it over to the Food services Manager at your child’s school.
  • English Learner Master Plan
    Informational meetings have been scheduled to inform parents of their rights regarding LAUSD Master Plan.  See August Calendar dates in the Calendar section  to find dates during the first week of school for English Learner parents.
  • Comfort Kit Order Form 2016
    All children will be required to have an emergency kit in his/her classroom.  You may purchase one on your own, or you have an option of making your own emergency kit with the Kenter Emergency Kit supplies list, or you may order the kit through Kenter by October 9th.

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