What is KCPSG?

Kenter Canyon Parents Support Group (“KCPSG”) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to fundraise for the many programs and “extras” that enhance the day to day experiences of our children.  KCPSG also helps plan the many community events such as the Welcome Back Picnic, Kinder Howdy Day and Kinder Play Dates, that make Kenter your child’s home away from home.

What does Kenter do with the money raised?

KCPSG holds fundraisers, such as book fair, Annual Giving, auctions and Coyote Prowl, throughout the year.  Through these fundraisers, Kenter provides many enrichment programs, supplies and facility enhancement to our school.  To read more about our expenditures, click here.

In addition, there are many other ways to contribute to this remarkable school, including volunteerism in the classrooms and at fundraising events, representation and leadership on various committees, and providing goods or services consistently needed to support our campus. And, keep in mind that soliciting donations for the school in cash or goods is also a great way to contribute.

What is Annual Giving?

Annual Giving is Kenter’s single largest fundraiser and represents over 65% of our annual budget. The Annual Giving Campaign kicks off at the beginning of each school year.  All donations to KCPSG are completely voluntarily, however each year KCPSG spends an additional $1550 per student so our fundraising is essential to maintain our programs.

I cannot give $1550 per child. Am I expected to give? Can I give less?

All donations to KCSPG including for Annual Giving are completely voluntary.  However we are hoping to achieve 100% participation from all Kenter families. You can absolutely give less than $1550 per child and we hope every family at Kenter gives what they can.  Every donation is important.

How do I give to Annual Giving? Can I donate throughout the year? Can I pay in installments?

Each class will have a class dinner near the beginning of the school year for the parents in each class.  This party provides an opportunity for parents to get to know their classroom teacher and aide and the other parents in the class.  You will also have an opportunity to learn more about Annual Giving at the dinner and donate that night.  If you can’t attend the class dinner or chose not to donate that night, you can always donate to the Annual Giving Campaign by credit card by clinking the button on the Kenter home page at www.kentercanyon.org.  If you would like to pay with a check and/or pay in installments, you can download the pledge form (coming soon).  Pledge forms are also available in the office or through your head room parent.

You can donate all at once at any time during the year or pay in installments.  We encourage people to donate at the start of the school year because we start incurring expenses before the start of school.

Is my donation to Annual Giving tax deductible?

Yes! 100% of your donation is tax-deductible. Thank you letters for tax-filing purposes are sent via e-mail to all donors prior to the end of the calendar year.

Does Kenter accept matching grants, gifts from non-Kenter parents and stock?

Yes to all of the above.

Thanks to stock donations, company matching grants and the generosity of community members, neighbors and grandparents, Kenter has raised thousands of dollars in additional funds for our children.  For more information on corporate matching [insert link to Corporate Match page]

If I spend $1000 at another Kenter fundraiser (e.g., the Gala) can that count towards what is asked of our family for participation in Annual Giving this year?

While we appreciate your support to every fundraiser, we hope that each family will give $1550 per child in Annual Giving donations, plus participate in our other fundraisers throughout the year. Annual Dinner (formerly known as Spring Gala) and Auction is one of the places we supplement to get to our goal of providing support of $1550 each student.

This is a public school, why am I asked to give so much?

While we are funded by LAUSD as a public school, based on enrollment and attendance, the staff, teachers and families at Kenter Canyon Charter Elementary School hold our school to a higher standard on many fronts. The enrichment programs we have at Kenter are not available at most LAUSD elementary schools. Funding for education has been drastically cut over the years, with less of your tax dollars directed at public education. California contributes less on a per student basis than nearly any other state in the union.

Is every penny donated to KCPSG spent on Kenter Canyon Charter Elementary School?

Every single penny raised by KCPSG is spent on our school and our children, everything from small requirements such as insurance to large game-changing decisions like classroom size reduction and technology investments. Typically, more than 90% is spent on program expenses that benefit students directly, and less than 10% is spent on administrative expenses to run these programs.

How can I learn more about how money is raised by KCSPG and where it is spent?

Seek out and talk to a KCPSG Board member or an Annual Giving committee member. Also, we encourage you to attend our KCPSG general meetings to get visibility into the regular decisions and monetary disbursements made by KCPSG.  Our annual budget projections and monthly expenses are open to all parents at Kenter Canyon.


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