Emergency Kits

Parents please remember to provide Emergency Kits for the new school year. Being prepared is the best way to ensure the safety and well being of our children. As the new school year begins, your child will be asked to have an emergency kit in their classroom. 

There are three ways you can provide an emergency kit. You can make one on your own, purchase one from a retail supplier, or from Emergency Café (see order form). 100% of the net proceeds from all kits purchased from Emergency Café will be donated to the Emergency Supply Fund at Kenter. This fund allows Kenter to purchase kits for any child that does not have one (a financial burden) in addition to any emergency supplies that are needed to keep our campus safe.

Supplies can be placed in a 1 or 2 gallon Ziploc bag. Please be sure to write your child’s name on the outside of the bag. All kits will be returned at the end of the school year.

Returning parents please check the list below and make sure that your kit is current. Also please be sure that none of the items in your kit are expired and that the water is fresh.

Your kit must include the following:

  • At least 16 oz of water in an unopened bottle
  • Non Perishable Snacks: energy/protein or meal replacement bars, ready to eat canned fruit, veggies or tuna (preferably with a pop to; requires no cooking), dried fruit, fruit or dried meat jerkys, dry cereal in small boxes, crackers, “favorite” foods that are comforting and nutritious. Please try to avoid very salty and sugary items.
  • One Emergency Blanket. These blankets are made of mylar and can be found at sporting goods and surplus stores.
  • Flashlight with new batteries or 12-hour light stick
  • Family photo
  • A comforting note to your child
  • Emergency Card. This should include all-important information about your child. Phone numbers, nearest relatives/friends and their contact numbers.
  • Signed permission card to indicate who may pick up your child. Please seal this information in an envelope marked “Emergency Information
  • 3 days worth of any required medications, with instructions for the teacher on their administration. Please label and seal in a Ziploc. Please also note any allergies.
  • Extras: small toy, deck of cards, something entertaining, etc.
  • A light change of clothes
  • Moist towelettes or wipes

Student Kits will be returned at the end of the school year. If purchasing from Emergency Cafe, cost for each Student Kit is $16.50 (tax and shipping included). Please place your payment and order form in the Emergency Kit Cubby, located in the Parent Center, next to the office.

Please note if you are purchasing a kit, you still need to include the personal items in the above list yourself.


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