CPK Battle of the Grades

California Pizza Kitchen FUNdraiser: Battle of the Grades begins November 4, 2019! All Kenter families are encouraged to visit California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) at Brentwood Gardens any time during the day for your grade. You may pickup a flyer from the office or print one online. Make sure you bring the flyer with you and give it to your server. Kenter Canyon School receives back 20% of each party’s total receipt as long as they have the flyer attached. It’s a great way to see other Kenter parents and classmates while helping your school. The flyer may be copied and distributed to friends, co-workers, neighbors, relatives, etc. It is valid any time on take-out, dine-in, or delivery. The students from the grade level that earns the greatest “return” will receive a special pizza reward!!

Print your grade’s flyer below:
Kindergarten – November 18, 2019
1st Grade – November 4, 2019
2nd Grade – November 12, 2019
3rd Grade – November 19, 2019
4th Grade – November 5, 2019
5th Grade – November 13, 2019


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