Computers with Ms. Tasaki

Shannon Tasaki brings her loves of teaching and technology together to train necessary computer skills in a fun way. In her first year teaching at Kenter Canyon, she hopes to instill her love of tech to the students so that they are equipped with the modern day tools to succeed!



In this iteration of PlanetBravo’s curriculum at Kenter Canyon School, students learn to use technology through primarily web-based productivity and creativity tools. Depending on the thematic grade level unit, students can be seen writing and recording podcasts, editing video, programming in Scratch, Python, or HTML5, and of course collaborating in the world of Google Apps.

Kindergarten is the year of Introduction where students blend important English language arts and mathematics skills across fundamental skills such as word processing, academic games, and operating system familiarity.

First Grade is our Integration year where students spend a good amount of time learning the basics of Microsoft Word and internet navigation. Online safety becomes a part of our discussion this year as well (and continues in many forms every year after).

Second Grade is the year of Creation. Students work in graphics, desktop publishing, and even animation and coding.

Third Grade’s theme is Exploration, and the year is filled with responsible use, internet research, slideshow presentations, and even troubleshooting and hardware lessons.

Fourth Grade is our year of Communication. While email and netiquette are covered, we dive deeply into wikis, blogs, Podcasting, infographics, and much more.

Fifth Grade is when Presentation takes center stage. Students make animated presentations, learn HTML5, produce their own Cyberbullying PSAs through video editing, and much more.

Please note that this curriculum builds a foundation for the ultimate goal in educational technology: seamless integration in the classroom and students’ lives for real-world application of their skills.


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