Annual Giving

Show your LOVE for Kenter!

Support your child’s enriched education!

Annual Giving is Kenter’s largest fundraiser which supports the extraordinary education our students receive. 100% of the funds raised from Annual Giving go directly to our school to fund the programming for our children.

Your child’s education is enriched beyond the LAUSD-provided program with: reduced classroom sizes, aides in every classroom, science, enhanced technology/computers, art, music, PE, library support, field trips, and much, much more. 

The enriched education our students receive is what makes Kenter a great school. These programs require your support through KCPSG which spends approximately $1400 per student. At Kenter, we suggest an annual contribution of $1175  per student.

We welcome all donations, with donor recognition levels beginning at $100 and continuing up to $10,000+.

Every donation is important. Annual giving benefits 100% of the students; our goal is 100% participation. Please join us in reaching our goal.

Click here to recognize this year’s generous donors.

Giving is easy, and 100% tax-deductible.  How to make a donation:

PREFERRED METHOD — Check payable to KCPSG (Kenter Canyon Parents Support Group).  Please use pledge form (attachment below) and drop off or mail to school office:  Annual Giving Campaign, Kenter Canyon Elementary, 645 North Kenter Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  90049

Annual Giving Pledge Form

Secure credit card payment via PayPal using the “Donate” button.  You may make a one-time donation or opt for automatic monthly installments.  PayPal charges 3.3% overhead for donations, and parents may choose to increase their donation to cover this overhead. The entire donation, including PayPal fees, is fully tax deductible.


All families making a donation will receive our new colorful Kenter Canyon sticker!

$100 – $1,249  Join in the class raffle held at your child’s class dinner and choose 1 adult or child “LOVE Kenter” hat with a minimum $100 donation. (All donations must be made prior to or at your child’s class dinner.)

$1,249 – $2,999  Very cool exclusive for Annual Giving Donations  LOVE Kenter license plate frame, plus LOVE Kenter hat and sticker (while supplies last)

$3,000 – $5,999  Very cool exclusive for Annual Giving Donations  LOVE Kenter TOTE BAG along with license plate frame, plus LOVE Kenter hat and sticker (while supplies last)

$6,000 – $9,999  Very cool exclusive for Annual Giving Donations  LOVE Kenter TOTE BAG filled with KC spirit wear, license plate frame, plus LOVE Kenter hat and sticker (while supplies last)

$10,000+  Kenter Canyon Events Package: 4 tickets to the following; talent show, Fall and Spring Productions, Fall Festival, and 2 tickets to the Spring Gala, plus hat and sticker (while supplies last)

What does Kenter do with the money raised?

We provide all Kenter students with classes in science, computer, art, music and physical education. The money raised supports our school Library and its program. Your donated dollars pay for additional teacher aides in classrooms, as well as stipends for classroom supplies, special assemblies, field trips, field and playground maintenance and so much more!

How do I give? Can I donate throughout the year? Can I pay in installments?

You can give via the Kenter website through Pay Pal if you would like to pay with a credit card. If you would like to pay with a check and/or pay in installments, you can download the pledge from (attachment below).  Pledge forms are also available in the office or through your head room parent.

The Annual Giving Campaign kicks off at the beginning of each school year. You can donate early all at once, give at any time during the year or pay in installments.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! 100% of your donation is tax-deductible. Thank you letters for tax-filing purposes are sent via e-mail to all donors in December.

Does Kenter accept matching grants, gifts from non-Kenter parents and stock?

Yes to all of the above. Thanks to stock donations, company matching grants and the generosity of community members, neighbors and grandparents, Kenter has raised thousands of dollars in additional funds for our children.

Corporate Matching – What is a Matching Gift Program?

Many companies allow their employees to direct their charitable giving programs through matching grants. When an employee notifies the company that he/she has madea charitable donation, the company will make a gift of the same amount, and in some cases double the amount, to the same charitable organizations. Matching Gift Programs are a wonderful way for employees to make their charitable dollars stretch farther at no  cost to themselves. Simply ask your company’s human resources office for a matching gift form and we will do the rest. It is extremely easy!  Here is a link to search for some of companies that do corporate matching.

I cannot give $1175 per child. Am I expected to give? Can I give less?

Yes, absolutely. Give what you can. We are looking for 100% participation from all Kenter families. Please give what you can. Every donation is important.

For Annual Giving Campaign questions, contact Corrine Kohlmeyer-Hyman or Rebecca Youssef at



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