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Kenter Canyon School offers a variety of after-school enrichment classes provided by Kenter Canyon Parent Support Group (PSG).  The after-school enrichment sessions are 8 to 11 weeks in length.  A different schedule is offered for fall, winter and spring sessions.  The enrichment courses, description, instructor, location and cost of the course if provided in advance on our website.  Online registration dates are also noted on our website calendar and in the bulletin board just outside of Kenter Main Office.  There is also an after-school theatrical production offered to boys and girls as part of Kenter’s PSG activities.  The annual production will be available and will culminate with a evening and matinee performances. STAR Education is authorized to use our campus for after-school soccer and basketball teams.  Information about those opportunities are provided to boys and girls in grades 2-5.   Nominal fees are charged for each of these programs. 

Kenter Fall 2017 After-School Classes

The after-school class list for Fall 2017 can be found here.

Fall After School Classes will open this Sunday, August 20, at 9am PST online.  Please use this link to sign-up for classes:  Note: you may view the Fall After School classes now but you will not be able to sign-up until this Sunday, August 20 starting at 9:00am.  The sign-ups have also recently been changed to be similar to Party Book Sign-ups.

For all Fall After School sign-ups, you must use this same link to set-up a Login: You may register for your Login prior to Sunday, August 20 so that you may quickly sign-up your child(ren) for classes when enrollment opens at 9amSince this is a new system for signing up for online after school classes, everyone must register for a Login to sign-up for classes.  Previous Logins will not be recognized in this new system.

Classes that become full during the online registration process will be designated as full.  A waitlist is available for every class. Remember to continue to the Payment section to complete the registration process and secure your child’s space in the class.  Classes start the week of August 28 2017.  There are no classes on Sept. 1, Sept. 4, Sept 21 and Nov. 10.

For all classes available to Kindergarten and First grade students, please note that LAUSD nor PSG employees are allowed to walk students to or from an after school class.  Students in grades K and 1st must be accompanied to their after school  classes by a parent or a parent designee (such as another parent, nanny, or sibling in grade 2-5).

REFUND POLICY Should you need a refund for any reason, a 10% processing fee will be kept. In the event that the class is canceled a full refund will be given.  No refunds will be given after the third week of classes.

Questions? Please contact the After School Coordinator, at


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